Know About Pregnancy Diet, Fasting And Multivitamins

pragency diet

Diet for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when not only you but your baby also requires healthy food to grow up healthy. You must take good diet for healthy pregnancy. A healthy and nutritious diet includes adequate amount for fats, proteins, whole grain products, proteins (fish, meat, lentils and pulses) and dairy products including milk. Have variety of foods as much you can but it should be remembered that too much food may cause extra fat gain.

Whatever diet you are taking is the important factor for your own health as well for your baby ad it affects during and after pregnancy. Avoid unhealthy eating habits. If you smoke, it is hazardous during your pregnancy and gets rid of taking alcohol. Both alcohol and smoking tend to create risk for your baby. The vitamins and all the nutrients are necessary to be taken as they meet the requirement of a pregnant woman. An expecting mother requires about 300 extra calories daily for maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Diabetes has become a common factor among modern pregnant women so to curb out this ailment it is must have better die and will be good to have information regarding diabetes diet

Diet for a Healthy Pregnancy

Fasting in Pregnancy

To observe fast is an important part of any religion’s customs and beliefs. There are some religions that have specific days for fast that can depend on lunar or solar movement and seasons. Some women opt to fast in pregnancy because of their religious commitments or beliefs.

If you are planning to fast for one day or more than this you need to consult your doctor first as doctor will review your obstetric history and physical health and some other type of complications. Your doctor will review your gestational diabetes and anaemia. This is important to ensure that you are healthy enough for fast. You must not stay hungry for a long period in pregnancy as it can make you feel ill or unwell. You should talk to your doctor about headaches, fainting, and fatigue and dizzy spells that many people feel when they remain hungry.

There are some religions that do not permit for having any food and water so it will be good to consult your doctor how you can handle this situation. While some religion allows fruits, milk and non-cereal food. To choose fresh fruit and vegetable fast is one of the best options you can do. Make sure that you don’t miss any essential diet. You should avoid fried fast food as it only increases unnecessary calories and food that contain high sugar.