Which vape juice ingredients one must avoid

about CBD vape juice

Vegetables Glycerin offers vapor density, while Propylene Glycol contributes to the throat punch in most e-juices. If these two elements are not in proper proportions then one cannot safely enjoy vaping experience. Aside from this, some e-liquids contain flavoring ingredients and nicotine. While the majority of high-quality fluids include such elevated components, some cbd vape juice also has hazardous compounds. Certain compounds in e-juices have been shown to interact with the features and functions of white cells in the human body, according to studies. When changing to vapors, the oxidizing process can produce new chemicals that might harm the body permanently. They have the potential to decrease cells’ capacity to generate oxygen while also increasing the danger of cellular damage. So out becomes critical to avoid some substances. Let us look below what are they?

The use of CBD vape juice

  • Mixed flavors: It’s hard not to be enticed by the prospect of purchasing fresh and creative tastes with blended offers like Peach, Apple, and Strawberries. The joy of experimenting with different tastes for vaping is nearly unrivaled. Blended tastes, on the other hand, have more compounds in them than solo flavors. Because the toxic quantities are higher in this scenario, cell injury is likewise higher. Another thing to keep in mind when combining tastes is that some combinations might result in the formation of new chemicals that may pose health concerns.
  • Cinnamon: Vape juices with strong tastes like cinnamon might bring back memories of cinnamon-filled breakfast dishes. However, the enticing fragrance and flavor of cinnamon, which is produced in e-juices using a compound called cinnamaldehyde, can be hazardous. Even though the FDA has authorized the flavoring ingredient as food-grade, vaping can be hazardous to some people. The chemical may begin to harm white blood cells and impair the airways’ ability to eliminate mucous. It may also affect cell oxygen generation and enhance cytotoxic effects.
  • Titanium Dioxide: It is yet another hazardous ingredient found in e-juices. The substance’s nanomaterials might reach your mind and airways, causing cellular injury and nerve damage. By increasing oxidative stress, they can induce irritation, alteration, and cell injury. They may also have cancerous characteristics and have an impact on immunological health.


Finally, using vape juice can give you a lot of relief from pains and anxiety, but make sure to check the ingredients used in it before you start using it. No one would like to add up some new health issues.